Dear Universe #5 – Have I been talking about Star Wars day too much?

Dear Universe,

What a week! Finished my Star Wars paintings, celebrated Star Wars Day by catching a cold, got my exam admit card finally, and started kickboxing. My arms feel super cool. So I guess, we’ve got a lot to address:

Dear Star Wars day,

Why did you come so soon? Now I feel so purposeless. I know I should be studying instead but my mind keeps whizzing to every single painting that I could potentially paint ever.

Whoever thought of this pun must be so pleased with themselves

Whoever thought of this pun must be so pleased with themselves

Despite all that, I am so utterly grateful that I kicked my ass finally to committing to something daily. Even if it was just me that truly enjoyed those blissful two weeks and a half.

Also, I owe the composition of my “Master Skywalker” piece to my brother who is a Fine Arts graduate. If he wasn’t surfing reddit for those old school Mark Hamill pics, I would have never painted Luke Skywalker because I do think he’s quite a pansy. Turns out, that was one of my favorite ones I did.

Sincerely, a very satisfied, relieved and confused artist

Dear cold that keeps trying to sneak up on me,

I felt you on Wednesday morning, and I stopped you in your tracks right then and there. You could say: Gotcha!

If anyone is interested in what I do to get over a cold:

  • Snag it when you feel it coming on. Your body is wired to react to its needs so when it’s there, you’ll know it’s there.
  • In the earliest stages, have some mild over-the-counter type medication, like Crocin. Nothing over the top. Cough syrup here and there.
  • If it’s a sore throat – all the colds I get start with a tingling in the throat – then make sure to breathe through your nose. This may sound weird but I got over a sore throat once just by breathing through my nose, not through my mouth. And generally, mouth-breathing tends to agitate the soreness.
  • Also, brew yourself some ginger tea with honey and buy some ginger flavored cough drops. We get Vicks over here and I find that the ginger ones work wonders. The honey ones are probably the worst for me. My dad LOVES adding ginger to everything he cooks that, frankly I’m over ginger-based dishes. That one year we spent in Tokyo with mom and bro over in Delhi was a complete ginger overload. But I’m finding my exception with ginger tea and ginger candy.
  • Get all the gooey stuff out in the morning and in the evening. Super gross and yet satisfying, like when you squeeze a pimple.
  • Most importantly, stay active. I learned this from my brother, wise sage that he is. The worst thing that you can do with a fever is to lie around all day. Trust me, I wasted two weeks of my life lying around during a sickness when I had to do was get up. And yeah, if you have a cold in the summer, you’re likely to sweat like a waterfall even just walking around the house but you’ll get over your illness faster.
  • Drink lots of water to counter the sweating.

So yeah. Kicked your ass.

Sincerely, not sick anymore

Dearest Constipation,


Yours Truly, Esther

Dear kickboxing workout videos,

I feel the force is growing in me. I feel my muscles turning into steel. Yes, that must be it for I am stiff everywhere and I walk funny.

I hope that you can be a gateway into an MMA future for me. Then I can finally live out my life-long dream of becoming a Power Ranger. They will finally pick me and I will have my own Zord.

I can be a part of this, right? Right??

I can be a part of this, right? Right??

Sincerely, Power Ranger in the making

Dear sexist dinner guest

It is not okay to say that you can hit anyone whether it’s a young lad or lass to do their work. It is not okay to say that it’s easier to send a young man to do stuff because you can hit them if they disobey. And it’s certainly not okay to say that it’s harder to send a young woman to do stuff because you can’t hit them. As much as you think you’re doing us a favor by implying that you’d never hit a woman, you’re very wrong. Why would you hit someone to begin with? That’s the worst incentive I can think of.

Go back to the 50s with your misogyny. Go back to the 1700s if you want so much to hit people to do your bidding.

Sincerely, I-can’t-even-believe-how-hard-I’m-rolling-my-eyes

Dear future dinner guests,

If you make any sort of intolerant comments, you know where the door is.

Sincerely, host who is trying to weed out the world one dinner guest at a time

And that’s that. Good day, Universe.

Sincerely, Esther


Star Wars Minimalist Portraits (Part 2)

Happy May 4th!

May the 4th be ever in your favor….wait, what?

I can’t believe I’ve actually done it. I stuck to my commitment of producing art daily. I’m so proud of myself! *pats self of back while no one is at home to see how pathetic I’m being*

So here’s my final installation. I gotta say, goal well-achieved. My primary goal throughout these two and a half weeks was to improve my skillz and I think I’ve achieved that. Hurray for improvement.

Enough rambling:



Master Skywalker

Master Skywalker

Boba Fett

Boba Fett

Darth Vader: Can you feel the love tonight?

Darth Vader: Can you feel the love tonight?

I was going to end this series with a portrait of Yoda but searching for reference pictures online just now, made me realize how creepy he looks and that I’d probably get nightmares tonight.

Until next time, my fishies! (I’ve decided to call you my fishies)


Star Wars Minimalist Portraits (Part 1)

I’ve titled this “Part 1” but I’m still unsure whether I want to paint any more of these or not. I know I should since I promised myself I would until May the 4th. I think I’m just running out of characters.

Any character suggestions?

Obi Wan



Darth Skywalker


And yes, I realize these are only characters from Episodes 1-3 but I’d already done a few of the older ones a week ago. Don’t worry, those will be done too 😛


Too Much Art To Make!

I don’t know if anyone’s following my Star Wars art progress but I have been very very faithful to my word, making art every single day since last Saturday. Woot! Here’s the proof.

I thought I’d post the past four days’ worth of art – one for each day – all in one go so I don’t overwhelm you with single daily posts. If that makes any sense.

Also, I’m completely not a fangirl. I promise. I don’t ONLY paint Star Wars. The primary purpose of these paintings was and is practice. I’m slowly finding out the kind of art and the style I want to pursue.

Enough talk, here’s some art:

St. LeiaDarth Maul

Qui-Gon Obi Wan

Slowly but surely, I think I’m becoming a minimalist.

Thank you for your time!


A Rey of Hope

I can’t believe I almost forgot to upload my Star Wars painting of the day! So here it is!

Daisy RidleyThis has got to be the proudest piece of art I’ve ever made. I love the mood of this one. And I may or may not be using this as both my desktop and phone wallpapers…

Happy Wednesday!

Also my brother pointed out to me last night that no one says “May the 4th”. Such noobs we have in this world.


The Forcefully Awakened

Will I be making further puns? I hope not because I’m very bad at them.

Anyway it’s 6:40 in the morning. I’ve got a few hours before Monday morning class – groans – so I thought wouldn’t it be a good idea to post something? My body says no but my heart is way too excited for this shit.

Old TrooperI have no clue what to paint next…but I’m liking the prospects of Chewie and Han. Probably that.

Oh and I almost forgot. GOOOOD MOOORNING! Have a very nutritious day! Soak in everything you see, hear, smell, taste and feel. Good day.