I have been picked up by the winds
And the raging motion of the tides
Burdened by the cargo I carry inside
This fortitude of guts and skin
Let’s retrace these routes
In retrospect but never gesticulate

Stand on the stern
Watch as the waters foam below you
Or abide by the bow
Feel the winds of change dry your vision
The resistance which pushes me forward

I will protect your weight
As it descends the spiral staircase
Into the heart of the hold
Wherein lies a mountain
Covered but alive
I ask that you rest your head
And your body against the dirt
For I will keep it warm for years
As it will keep me moving
On and onward

I may never see the end of the horizon
The straight lines turn to peaks and ridges
Before I am fully submerged by the weight
The weight of rainwater gathered on deck
The weight of your body
And the flag you planted on the summit
That piece of grounded earth
In this moving vessel

So let’s sail
You and I
Heart and head
Love and dread
Let the waters wear us down

I realize I have been absent for far too long on WordPress and I sincerely apologize for that. I’ve just been very much preoccupied with my art over on Deviant Art and my music on Soundcloud. Feel free to check those out if you want.

I’ll be posting an art dump soon and hopefully writing a letter to the Universe so stick around for that!

As always, have a wonderful day.

Echo out.


I Want To Ride My Bike

I put my helmet on
And I tag along
On the scooter you bought
With the first pay you got

I cling onto the back handles
And I sweat like melted wax candles
While moving to the corner swerves
A current runs through my nerves

Then we get home finally
Dearest brother smiling so smugly
I lie awake at night
When my thoughts fill me with fright

Engine too hot it bursts
We skid off and crash
The flames engulf us to ash

Anxiety deadened
Distracted by a QUEEN song:
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike

Lost attention to the balance
Wonder how hell happened

We stop and a dastardly bird
Bestows upon us a turd
I shout, “This is absurd!”
Brother turns and laughs
Then crashes and splits into half

A collision course

Miscalculate the widths
Of cars-to-buses
Face turns up in a history of great crashes
Between the pole-mangled car
And the one that drove into a bar
Except we were pressed against car-to-bus
And life ended thus
A mix of blood, guts and pus

Become that urban myth
The one where “Come Sail Away”
Is to be recited all the way
And the mighty hand of Styx
Will bless you with the life gift
To avoid the first to the fifth

And now you’ve seen
Why at seventeen
I resolved that:
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike.

I’ve been thinking a lot about death ever since my big brother got a scooter…

That Styx reference, I swear, works. My brother picked me up yesterday from college and we made a series of complicated turns but I was singing “Come Sail Away” and it turns out I saved our asses with my perfect posture and distracted state of mind.



Dear Universe #5 – Have I been talking about Star Wars day too much?

Dear Universe,

What a week! Finished my Star Wars paintings, celebrated Star Wars Day by catching a cold, got my exam admit card finally, and started kickboxing. My arms feel super cool. So I guess, we’ve got a lot to address:

Dear Star Wars day,

Why did you come so soon? Now I feel so purposeless. I know I should be studying instead but my mind keeps whizzing to every single painting that I could potentially paint ever.

Whoever thought of this pun must be so pleased with themselves

Whoever thought of this pun must be so pleased with themselves

Despite all that, I am so utterly grateful that I kicked my ass finally to committing to something daily. Even if it was just me that truly enjoyed those blissful two weeks and a half.

Also, I owe the composition of my “Master Skywalker” piece to my brother who is a Fine Arts graduate. If he wasn’t surfing reddit for those old school Mark Hamill pics, I would have never painted Luke Skywalker because I do think he’s quite a pansy. Turns out, that was one of my favorite ones I did.

Sincerely, a very satisfied, relieved and confused artist

Dear cold that keeps trying to sneak up on me,

I felt you on Wednesday morning, and I stopped you in your tracks right then and there. You could say: Gotcha!

If anyone is interested in what I do to get over a cold:

  • Snag it when you feel it coming on. Your body is wired to react to its needs so when it’s there, you’ll know it’s there.
  • In the earliest stages, have some mild over-the-counter type medication, like Crocin. Nothing over the top. Cough syrup here and there.
  • If it’s a sore throat – all the colds I get start with a tingling in the throat – then make sure to breathe through your nose. This may sound weird but I got over a sore throat once just by breathing through my nose, not through my mouth. And generally, mouth-breathing tends to agitate the soreness.
  • Also, brew yourself some ginger tea with honey and buy some ginger flavored cough drops. We get Vicks over here and I find that the ginger ones work wonders. The honey ones are probably the worst for me. My dad LOVES adding ginger to everything he cooks that, frankly I’m over ginger-based dishes. That one year we spent in Tokyo with mom and bro over in Delhi was a complete ginger overload. But I’m finding my exception with ginger tea and ginger candy.
  • Get all the gooey stuff out in the morning and in the evening. Super gross and yet satisfying, like when you squeeze a pimple.
  • Most importantly, stay active. I learned this from my brother, wise sage that he is. The worst thing that you can do with a fever is to lie around all day. Trust me, I wasted two weeks of my life lying around during a sickness when I had to do was get up. And yeah, if you have a cold in the summer, you’re likely to sweat like a waterfall even just walking around the house but you’ll get over your illness faster.
  • Drink lots of water to counter the sweating.

So yeah. Kicked your ass.

Sincerely, not sick anymore

Dearest Constipation,


Yours Truly, Esther

Dear kickboxing workout videos,

I feel the force is growing in me. I feel my muscles turning into steel. Yes, that must be it for I am stiff everywhere and I walk funny.

I hope that you can be a gateway into an MMA future for me. Then I can finally live out my life-long dream of becoming a Power Ranger. They will finally pick me and I will have my own Zord.

I can be a part of this, right? Right??

I can be a part of this, right? Right??

Sincerely, Power Ranger in the making

Dear sexist dinner guest

It is not okay to say that you can hit anyone whether it’s a young lad or lass to do their work. It is not okay to say that it’s easier to send a young man to do stuff because you can hit them if they disobey. And it’s certainly not okay to say that it’s harder to send a young woman to do stuff because you can’t hit them. As much as you think you’re doing us a favor by implying that you’d never hit a woman, you’re very wrong. Why would you hit someone to begin with? That’s the worst incentive I can think of.

Go back to the 50s with your misogyny. Go back to the 1700s if you want so much to hit people to do your bidding.

Sincerely, I-can’t-even-believe-how-hard-I’m-rolling-my-eyes

Dear future dinner guests,

If you make any sort of intolerant comments, you know where the door is.

Sincerely, host who is trying to weed out the world one dinner guest at a time

And that’s that. Good day, Universe.

Sincerely, Esther


Dear Universe #4

Dear Universe,

This week was (finally) the beginning of my study break. I have one more week and then it’s exams all the way!

I’ve got mixed feelings about this blog…more like missed feelings. Maybe it’s the effect of staying at home but when you’re lying about in comfort, nothing really happens does it?

Dear Avengers: Age of Ultron,

Wow! I watched you on Wednesday with my brother on his day off and I’m still thinking about what I saw. I don’t know which is better the first or the second. You know, we as an audience really owe it all to the genius that is Joss Whedon. The weight and worth of any TV show is always dependent upon its writers and that is no less the case for movies. Now, we all know that Mr. Whedon is a comic book mastermind and I feel the reason why I can’t choose between the first or the second movies is because of consistency. Every time there is a change of regular writers in a TV show, the balance shifts and some people on one half fall off the scales. That’s exactly what happened to Community. Thankfully, they brought Dan Harmon back. Whew!

But it was more than just consistency. Despite bringing in new characters, the new information we were exposed to was not at all overwhelming in any way. It did not turn out to be a cameo overload like the first episode of Gotham was –groans– but these introductions were done so naturally. We already anticipated them in previous movies. Not only that but they brought in Guardians of The Galaxy so neatly with Thor’s epiphany and oh-so casually mentioned Wakanda.

I still don’t know how to feel about Bruce and Natasha.

Pietro’s hair was phenomenal.

Clint mentioned one of the most profound lines in cinema history: No one uses dining rooms anymore.

I’ve never seen such beautiful hand-wielding but Wanda blew my mind to bits with her glowing red hands.

And Pietro’s hair was PHUH-NO-ME-NAL!

A little tribute I made.

A little tribute I made.

Sincerely, someone whose money was well spent

Dear Brain,

Hello you. I think it’s high time you stop narrativizing and conceptualizing every single thing you see to make more art and writing and start actually studying like a good little brain. Yeah?

Even though that’s never gonna happen. Wishful thinking never hurt no one…

Sincerely, Exam Season

Dear 2016 & 2017,

I just saw this last night:

11188444_460949204061925_8404671869043900921_n 11182156_460949337395245_6497809230304278435_n

Are you seriously going to take all the cash out of my wallet like this? With absolutely no second thoughts?

PS: 2017, Fantastic 4 II? Really?

Sincerely, someone who will be asking for alms real soon

Dearest Bella,

I’m glad you contacted me yesterday. It’s been a while since we talked right?

I’m so happy for all the wonderful things happening in your life. It’s funny how back in the days you were the one in our group obsessed with boys and the girly things in life and now you’ve truly become a woman and for that I am so happy and proud like a mother watching her children get awarded by the President or something.

Yours truly, Esther

Dear Re/Award,

Stop constantly confusing me. You’re wrinklin’ my brain.

Sincerely, The language functional part of my brain

Dear Car Radio,

Too many commercial breaks, not enough songs. Amiright people? Amiright?

At least it’s be better than this:

I have these thoughts
So often I ought
To replace that slot
With what I once bought
‘Cause somebody stole
My car radio
And now I just sit in silence

–(“Car Radio” by Twenty One Pilots)

Sincerely, a population that doesn’t need your products shoved down its throat

Dear Future,

Please don’t make me laze around all day. I mean I don’t technically because I do things…on my laptop. In other words, please see that you push me outside to the social world. Sure, I may think socializing is stupid but the truth is, when your mind connects with someone else’s even in a superficial way, your thoughts start churning and those rickety wheels in your head turn to inspiration.

The best things in life are almost always a surprise, unknown and unplanned.

Sincerely, person in the present

Dear Administration Systems,

I want to address this to the administration systems in Delhi but really this is a problem that we face everywhere in the world. Why do your employees insist on being so inefficient??

I spent 4 hours in college today trying to get my exam admit card and still didn’t get it.

When someone tells you to come back on Tuesday but then says something can be done in 10 minutes, you know there’s something truly wrong when their first response was to procrastinate.

Sincerely, disappointed with the system

I’ve been thinking so hard of what else to address but really I haven’t done much except for spending more than half my days just painting on my laptop. Need to get out of that.

But I’m only doing it till May 4th, I promise.

Yours Truly, Esther