I have been picked up by the winds
And the raging motion of the tides
Burdened by the cargo I carry inside
This fortitude of guts and skin
Let’s retrace these routes
In retrospect but never gesticulate

Stand on the stern
Watch as the waters foam below you
Or abide by the bow
Feel the winds of change dry your vision
The resistance which pushes me forward

I will protect your weight
As it descends the spiral staircase
Into the heart of the hold
Wherein lies a mountain
Covered but alive
I ask that you rest your head
And your body against the dirt
For I will keep it warm for years
As it will keep me moving
On and onward

I may never see the end of the horizon
The straight lines turn to peaks and ridges
Before I am fully submerged by the weight
The weight of rainwater gathered on deck
The weight of your body
And the flag you planted on the summit
That piece of grounded earth
In this moving vessel

So let’s sail
You and I
Heart and head
Love and dread
Let the waters wear us down

I realize I have been absent for far too long on WordPress and I sincerely apologize for that. I’ve just been very much preoccupied with my art over on Deviant Art and my music on Soundcloud. Feel free to check those out if you want.

I’ll be posting an art dump soon and hopefully writing a letter to the Universe so stick around for that!

As always, have a wonderful day.

Echo out.


Dear Universe #1 (TV Shows & Sticky Fingers)

Dear Universe,

We’re smack in the middle of April 2015 now and I’m left with two more weeks of regular classes before graduation. I don’t know how to feel about it. I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy my experience at college but then again I can’t say that I did. I’m perpetually in the meh zone. But here’s a bunch of things I’d like to address:

Dear Brain,

Why don’t you ever want to read anymore? It’s simple and it requires absolutely no effort. Just slide your eyes left to right, left to right. I hope this is an easy case of Post-College Stress Disorder. Get back into it, will ya?

Sincerely, Your Heart.

Dear Ears,

Get into something good. Go out there and explore new music, stop being a lazy ass and relying on TV shows. TV is not everything. The Vampire Diaries has a few good gems but other than that, The Walking Dead plays nothing but intense you’re-about-to-be-eaten-alive instrumentals, The 100 doesn’t really have any music, Once Upon A Time plays that whimsical fairy tale shit, Sleepy Hollow only has its opening and closing credits, Bones has given up on that 5 seasons ago, The Big Bang Theory is still playing the full-length version of that annoying nerd intro, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. plays the same superhero music as in Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and any other future ‘-Man’ movies. Basically, just wait patiently for the next season of Nevermind The Buzzcocks.

Or quit being a snob.

Sincerely, your music-deprived self.

Dear Sticky Fingers,

Apparently, I meant to say Dear Sticky Fingaz

WHY oh why did you unlike that post you just accidentally liked on Facebook? Now she will know. Now she will know forever…

Sincerely, Online Social Etiquette.

Dear Breakfast Foods,

Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food? I had to have it twice today.

Sincerely, my stomach that wants to devour you.

I guess those are the things I wanted to address for the past week, Universe. Oh, and here’s a parting gift:

Sincerely, an anxiously awaiting near-graduate.