Inktober 2015

October has been a hard art month for me. I wanted so badly to keep up with making art and doing other awesome things but all I really did was watching TV shows and movies and celebrate my birthday.

However, November means turning a new leaf so I am finally feeling reinvigorated and less lazy to make some art.

In any case, there’s this thing called Inktober which I semi-participated in. I couldn’t do it for the whole month but I made sure to dedicate all of my art pieces to digital ink since I couldn’t be bothered with a paper and pen.









And that’s about it!

My favorite is the teal-yellow piece. A lot of time went into lining all of those little details out.


Best of September (Art Dump)

Well, seems I’ve been neglecting this blog for a little while. I’m trying my best to think of things to write about but nothing really exciting is happening in my life at the moment.

But guess what? September’s gone by in a flash and that means it’s time for another art dump! This time, I’ll filter out my best pieces of the month because I made quite a bit of art AND I have 300+ watchers on my DeviantArt account now which is a pretty big milestone that I am very thankful for.





I made one more X-Men character and that was that.



One of the things I took on in September was The Lord of The Ring. This is the first portrait I did with regards to the theme. I hadn’t read the books yet so I decided to take it upon myself to tackle the literary universe as well.



Sir Ian McKellan no. 2. This portrait took a few days due to laziness and a ton of lines to draw. I’m very much happy with how this one turned out. I had a whole piece envisioned in my head and the hatching techniques I used with varied shades were very helpful.


One of the things I wanted to highlight in this series was the orcs and goblins. I play a half-orc in my current D&D campaign so perhaps that’s what brought on this fascination with the earthly race. You will also notice from here on out that I delved into the realm of dark and creepy things.

uruk_hi__how_you_doin___by_estherlr-d99h3qv am_i_pretty__by_estherlr-d98vfwh

Some more lovely orcs ❤


The other thing I did in September was that I opened requests for a short period for practice and for appreciation for the 300 watchers. This is my favorite piece from the requests I did. It’s based on someone’s Pathfinder character and it’s also the first ever anthropomorphic beast I’ve ever painted and I had a blast doing it and I’m hella proud of it.

TThe Light

Another one of the requests; a recreation of my favorite scene in Tangled which is also my favorite Disney movie. I had no idea if my minimalist style would work with the lanterns but I found a way!


I made this two days ago and that’s probably cheating considering that it’s already October. This was the last request I did and again I’m hella proud of it. I made it in this style to commemorate Inktober as well. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a little project that Mr. Jake Parker initiated to help him out with inking and to also spread the ink love to artists around the world. For more information – cuz’ I ain’t doin’ it justice enough – check out his website: http://mrjakeparker.com/inktober

Darkness Toto

The third theme for September was The Neverending Story and Legend. I’ve got two very good friends on Deviant Art who requested these pieces and who are very much engrossed in the 80s fantasy movie era WHICH I HAD ABSOLUTELY NO KNOWLEDGE OF. I had no idea all these wonderful movies actually existed. I urge you seriously, if you haven’t seen Legend (1985) go watch it. You will be blow away by the set and the costume and makeup. My mind’s still blown.


I’ve been struggling with writing a good song this past month. Now that it’s October I think I’m finally onto something. In any case, here are two covers that I think are pretty good if I may say so myself. “Dazzle” by Oh Wonder which is a kickass song from an up-and-coming kickass British duo. And “What Sober Couldn’t Say” by Halestorm which is my favorite song from their latest album and which I also think is their best written song.

AND I put up a video. Do a bit of ‘rapping’ if you can even call it that.

And that’s a lot of information packed into one post. Damn. Stick around for the end of the month to see what I’m upto and check out my DeviantArt gallery to see other things I did in September!

Echo out.


August Art Dump!

So here we are again. Yet another month has gone by and more art has been made 😀

Since I consider many things to be art – painting, drawing, sketching, writing, music, theater, dance, film making – I would like to add other features to this art dump and all art dumps in the future. For this month, this means I will also be showing you the songs I’ve covered/made.

If any of these pieces interest you, feel free to check out the rest of my gallery here: BOOP (opens in a new tab). Thank You!

So let’s-uh go!

Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots

I wanted to make a poster – prints are available for purchase on my Deviant Art account! – so I played with the idea of the color red which these two have been very much promoting in their latest album Blurryface. Also, this was a commemoration of my obsession with the album. My all-time favorite track from it is “Message Man”. I can almost nail the rap.

Put me to sleep evil angel

Put me to sleep evil angel

I haven’t made too many artworks inspired by music this month. This is one of three. Inspired by “Evil Angel”, my favorite Breaking Benjamin song.

Ooh la love

Ooh la love

I referenced Marion Cotillard for this one. I like playing with geometrical, solid shapes so this was the time I discovered what I could do with boxes! Also, you may notice I’ve been playing with lighter colors, mostly greys and pastels. The song here is “I Would Do Anything For You” by Foster The People.

For you I'll always take a bullet

For you I’ll always take a bullet

The last of the music inspired pieces. This one is inspired by “Bullet” by Ryan Star. This is one of a few selection of songs that I can listen to on repeat, which is exactly what I did as I was making this piece, so that I might be inspired by colors that I hear and feel.



I love hatching and cross-hatching and if you may have noticed a LOONG time ago with my St. Leia piece during my Star Wars craze, I used a similar technique to create this piece. This time I went free hand because the line tool in Paint Tool Sai takes forever. Plus, you’ve gotta get it perfect since it is a tool for perfect lines.

While You're Sleeping

While You’re Sleeping

For this piece I used a photo reference to a picture my father took on a trek we took last year to Sapa in Vietnam. This month to me was all about mood and landscape so with that in mind, I wanted to create a more detailed landscape than usual with my signature minimalist style.

Sapa Valley

Sapa Valley

This is a less detailed Sapa. Just a bunch of clouds floating around.

Dragon in the sky I can fly twice as high

Dragon in the sky I can fly twice as high

What initially got me into landscaping this time around was this notion of giant creatures in the sky against a fairly normal scene. This is an electric pole outside my house with a bunch of crows perched on top. And I also like to find shapes in the things I see – I made a month-long doodle once because I saw a face on the bathroom ceiling – thusly, the might needle-toothed cloud dragon was created. And yes I realize it looks rather phallic.

A Gojira sunset

A Gojira sunset

The last piece I did in accordance with the landscape + beast theme. I shall do more upon the request of my buddies. This is Tokyo, and a picture that I took, thank you very much. So obviously, I had to put Gojira in there.



The last creature I made this month. These are three seagulls. With three eyes. In three red boxes. Using three colors: white, blue and black. Yeah, I’m very meta when I create. 😛



I was looking through an old sketchbook of mine and found a watercolor piece of Kaya Scodelario during my Skins phase – which is a great teen drama UK TV show if you don’t know – so I decided to redo it.

Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie

And one with Hugh Laurie because this face is priceless.



When I go through a creative rut, I recreate scenes and posters. This is what happened on this day.



And this day. Also, I discovered there was a Rogue Cut to Days of Future Past. WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME THIS?? If I could be any one of the X-Men it would be Rogue, so surely someone should have told me this >_>. In any case, I love Anna Paquin and I love her portrayal of Rogue.

Waking Up

Waking Up

And lastly for art this month, a self-portrait (I try to make at least one every month to let you know how I’m doing) in remembrance of the extreme lethargy I experience during the month of August. I stopped working out, I think I slept for forever and I would have gone the whole day sleeping if I could, and I started midnight-snacking which is no bueno. So I used by lovely pastels mixed in with some electric neons so that I can finally bloody wake up!

To end this post, let’s music!

Pretty self-explanatory. 2 covers and one original. The original was written as a song about loss, but in a way that’s aware that leaves you okay with yourself and the other person in the end.

PHEW! And that’s all the art I made this month. Stick around next month for another ginormous dump!

Echo out.


July Art Dump!

I have been so very dedicated to my art and paintings this month, putting up a painting almost every night on my Deviant Art account which you can check out here: BEEP

On top of that, I resumed writing poetry and it has been such a blessing. I wrote a short story called ‘She‘ which got a Daily Deviation feature on Deviant Art which is a daily feature a few chosen community leaders pick out and let me tell you, I was so stoked! It’s probably the nearest and dearest fictions I’ve ever written.

The themes of my paintings this month have been music and movies.

Inspired by VERSA's 'Neon'

Inspired by VERSA’s ‘Neon’

Inspired by Lord Huron's 'She Lit A Fire'

Inspired by Lord Huron’s ‘She Lit A Fire’

Inspired by Fickle Friends' 'Paris'

Inspired by Fickle Friends’ ‘Paris’

He kinda reminds me of Bono

He kinda reminds me of Bono

Wanted to do a Rorschach effect. Inspired by PVRIS's 'Holy'

Wanted to do a Rorschach effect. Inspired by PVRIS’s ‘Holy’

Inspired by Sixto Rodriguez's 'Crucify Your Mind'

Inspired by Sixto Rodriguez’s ‘Crucify Your Mind’

Inspired by White Lies' 'Lose My Life'

Inspired by White Lies’ ‘Lose My Life’

Inspired by the music video for Bad Suns' 'Salt' which is so beautiful

Inspired by the music video for Bad Suns’ ‘Salt’ which is so beautiful

Painted this for a sixth grader during a house warming party. She didn't like it.

Painted this for a sixth grader during a house warming party. She didn’t like it.

Inspired by Crosses 'thholyghst'

Inspired by Crosses ‘thholyghst’

Inspired by Marina + The Diamonds' 'Blue'

Inspired by Marina + The Diamonds’ ‘Blue’

Inspired by Two Door Cinema Club's 'Handshake'

Inspired by Two Door Cinema Club’s ‘Handshake’

I started with an outline and then painted in the colors. Then I played around a little and decided it looked way more interesting without the lines.

I started with an outline and then painted in the colors. Then I played around a little and decided it looked way more interesting without the lines.

The original I painted

The original I painted

What it came out as when I inverted the colors. Totally unexpected.

What it came out as when I inverted the colors. Totally unexpected.

Cinderella! Such a beautiful movie. I can put it right up there with Maleficent in terms of beauty and aesthetics but this one's so much more dear because it doesn't stray too far from the original animation

Cinderella! Such a beautiful movie. I can put it right up there with Maleficent in terms of beauty and aesthetics but this one’s so much more dear because it doesn’t stray too far from the original animation

"I'm a Catholic whore, currently enjoying congress out of wedlock with my black Jewish boyfriend who works at a military abortion clinic. Hail Satan, and have a lovely afternoon madam."

“I’m a Catholic whore, currently enjoying congress out of wedlock with my black Jewish boyfriend who works at a military abortion clinic. Hail Satan, and have a lovely afternoon madam.”

I was a bit feverish one night so I made some Camomile tea and watched Kill Bill Vol. 1

I was a bit feverish one night so I made some Camomile tea and watched Kill Bill Vol. 1

A Duel of Vipers: Cottonmouth v. Black Mamba

A Duel of Vipers: Cottonmouth v. Black Mamba

A self-portrait. It's subconsciously red because it was that time of the month :P

A self-portrait. It’s subconsciously red because it was that time of the month 😛

WHEW. That was a lot to dump.

So basically, a lot of paintings inspired by songs and a few inspired by movies. Kingsman was amazing. Obviously, had to watch a Tarantino movie afterwards.

I’m already seeing a shift in themes for the coming month. I watched KickThePJ‘s video announcing a super cool series he’s doing called Oscar’s Hotel, a sort of spin-off of a short film he made by the same name. And as a dedicated subscriber for five/six years, I feel so immensely proud of how far he’s come and I hope the series does extremely well. It will be released on Vimeo and it will be fantastic because Jim Henson. Yes, the Jim Henson Company helped out in the creature creation process (think Muppets and Where The Wild Things Are). I know.

With that in mind, I decided to break out a few of the doodles I made on the back of my notebooks during college of weird skeleton creatures and other hellish beings in the hope of creating a small world of my own with creatures of my own. I finished rendering one last night:

"Oh hold me closer, Tony Danza"

“Oh hold me closer, Tony Danza”

He’s a skeleton that likes to dance. You’ll know he’s there because of the fabulous pink smoke he emerges out of.

And so forth.



I didn’t love him. But what is love to a body untouched,
Unsoiled by men that only exist in dreams
Whose hands embrace a ghostly visage and an empty rib cage.
And that was the time. Wasted in dream existence.
I didn’t love him but I could have. And then
I couldn’t have.
It was the bitter-sweetness, that acidic battery of L-words
That burned the insides of our mouths.
That burned the insides of my ears with his voice.
I didn’t love him and yet there’s this fire
Glowing within the joints of my elbows and knees,
Flushing across my neck, my ears, my face,
Burning where my chin rests on my chest.
It’s a slow burning rage.
How dare you.
How dare you.
And the written pages exist still in some vortex that’s intangible;
Intangible like you and those toxic words and my sympathy.
I breathed you in like I breathe you out now:
In a moment.

In a moment I will forget the exact soliloquy,
That self-righteous, self-loathing mocktail you spat in my face.
Because it was water and I’m liquid smooth.
And I chose to sink in your ocean because I told you
Que sera, sera.
A ceramic mask was on my face and you chipped away a piece
Only to find that underneath I was too fluid for your solid nature.
So you left me one piece less.

And in its place sprung a fatuous F-word.
Neverwas and nevermore.

This moment I will remember:
For once the clouds around your red eyes couldn’t see
And I saw right through your essence of supreme clarity.

I couldn’t love you.
Because I sold you and you sold me
Under the starless tree.

And that’s the end of that.


Dear Universe #6

Dear Universe,

It’s been a while since I last wrote you. Everything’s been a bit hazy since then. I’ve produced painting after painting, the final exam results came out and they were kickass, I made a few videos that I will cringe at for eternity, I’m socializing in the real world step by tiny step, and today you really had my back. I believe in you, dear Universe. I love you to bits.

Dear June 3rd,

You were the day I started talking to someone so wonderful and smart. Something finally stirred inside this rickety chest of mine and it gave me beautiful hope for the future.

Dear June 7th,

You were the day I realized someone was too far away. You were also the day I was wide awake in church because my thoughts were so preoccupied. On a day kept aside for faith, I also doubted heavily and I should have known right then and there.

Dear last week of June and first week of July,

Thank you for completely stripping the nerves off my body. I had the revelation that friend-zones aren’t always the worst. And despite the feelings that died away, which my white blood cells fought to extinction, I continued talking to someone because someone was fascinating and funny. But the dick jokes and sexual overtones were sickening me. And when someone’s smoke high got the best of him, tried to push me away, I should have sped off. Godspeed, my child.

Dear July 16th,

You were a weird morning. I could feel that someone was nitpicking for an out and someone got it; over a ridiculous assumption a week after someone said, “you don’t know me.” Well, YOU don’t know me.

I never said anything, never wanted to assume anything of you but since you’ve started it, here goes:

Maybe grow up and stop smoking so much. Maybe cut the crap yourself about art and its pretentions. Maybe if you really were indifferent and you didn’t care, you’d shut up about it. The iteration and reiteration of not caring is caring. Maybe stop talking about dicks and vaginas. Maybe spend less time on a site full of teens and preteens without actively contributing yourself because you sounded exactly like a twelve-year-old at the end there. Maybe shove your conspiracies up your ass once in a while.

But I kept my mouth shut and let someone finish a – most likely – smoke high rant. Essence of supreme clarity, I call it.

And I was so fucking happy it was over. There was my one and a half month of something new and exciting in a single click of the “Remove” button. So long sucker. Now I can finally sleep without the anxiety of waking up to someone who makes me doubtful of myself.

I never said anything with a double-meaning. And I told someone I would never do that. But still, that someone assumed too much.

And then you, July 16th, you beautiful heart you, you (I know that’s a lot of you’s) had my back. In the midst of the confusion and utter disbelief on my part, you surprised me with a lot of love on something I put my heart into. And my hope grew stronger.

Sincerely, Grateful for the experience and the memories

Dear She,

You were a short story I’ve spent the most time working on. You took me a while to finish but the payoff was and is amazing. You are a short story about my parents’ love and about the things I want to look for and avoid in love. And it hurt my heart and soul to write you. But today, you were featured on an art website (you can probably guess which site since I mention it in my Art section A LOT), and now more and more people are reading about my love. And I am so thankful that during a time of uncertainty and just bizarreness, you were there to hold my head in place.

Sincerely, Grateful to the end

Dear Art and Music,

Thanks for sticking by my side day and night. Maybe our search for something deeper in you is futile because it all comes down to a deep and never-ending black pit called Death but I refuse to believe in a life wasted just because there’s something ugly waiting at the end of the tunnel. And perhaps no one will ever see your art or listen to your music; that is no reason not to create. We leave a part of our souls in everything we do, even in the boring things like mathematics and your grandpa’s old war stories, and we connect. Nothing shows hope and connection better than Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway. Those are the values I live by. Superficial or not, I am stuck with you.

Sincerely, Grateful to humanity

Today’s letter has been a bit hard and a lot easy to write. I’m glad we could talk about, Universe. Until next time.

Yours Truly, Echo


Sing me to sleep


You are draining
And when I listen
My speech is drowning

You excite me
With distant promises
So I wait and see

When you speak
You come alive
And I turn meek

‘How’s you?’
But I refrain
And so the silence grew

When it’s ready to break
Your mind is far away
I realize what’s at stake

It is you
Your attention
Your affection

You say speak
And I would have
But it’s bleak

I love your words
You don’t care for mine
So I turn into a bird

I sing you to sleep
The inflections cut against my tiny lungs
And the call ends with a beep

You have caged me
And still I sing
So one day I’ll be free

That day is near
It’s in the sun outside my window
It’s in the revelation of my fear

I absolutely do not apologize for the angst that is to come. Never was angsty as a teenager so let’s be angsty now.